WBL Conservation District

White Bear Lake Conservation District


The White Bear Lake Conservation District was formed by the State of Minnesota in May of 1971. Subject to provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Chapters 98, 105, 106, 110, 112, 115 and the rules and regulations of the respective agencies and governing bodies vested with jurisdiction and authority thereunder. The lake conservation district has the following powers:

  • To regulate the types of boats permitted to use the lake.
  • To limit the use of motors, including their types and horsepower, on the lake.
  • To regulate, maintain, and police public beaches, public docks, and other public facilities for access to the lake within the territory of the municipalities.
  • To limit by rules the use of the lake.
  • To regulate the speed of boats on the lake and the conduct of other activities on the lake to secure the safety and welfare of the public.
  • To contract with other law enforcement agencies to police the lake and its shores.
  • To regulate the construction, installation, and maintenance of permanent and temporary docks and moorings consistent with federal and state law.
  • To regulate the construction and use of mechanical and chemical means of de-icing the lake and to regulate the mechanical and chemical means of removal of weeds and algae from the lake.
  • To regulate the construction, configuration, size, location, and maintenance of commercial marinas and their related facilities including parking areas and sanitary facilities. The regulation shall be consistent with the applicable municipal building codes and zoning ordinances where said marinas are situated.
  • To contract with other governmental bodies as needed.
  • To undertake research to determine the condition and development of the lake and the water entering it and to transmit their studies to the pollution control agency and other interested authorities;, and to develop a comprehensive program to eliminate pollution.
  • To receive financial assistance from and join in projects or enter into contracts with federal and state agencies for the study and treatment of pollution problems and demonstration programs related to them.
  • To petition a board of managers of any watershed district in which the lake conservation district may be situated for improvements under Minnesota Statues, Section 112.48.
  • To require the submission of all plans pertaining to or affecting construction or other lakeshore use on any lot or parcel of land abutting the shoreline including: length of setback from the shoreline, adjoining property, or any street or highway, problems of population density, possible water, air or visual pollution, or height of construction.


One can contact the White Bear Lake Conservation District (WBLCD) at:

White Bear Lake Conservation District

4701 Highway 61

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

E-mail:         info@wblcd.org

Webpage:   http://www.wblcd.org

The White Bear Lake Conservation District recognized the need to establish a committee dedicated to evaluating the science around the low lake level and to develop a series of recommendations to address the low lake level in White Bear Lake. The WBLCD established the Lake Level Resolution Committee (LLRC) in early 2013. The “charge” of the LLRC was to investigate possible solutions to the low lake level in WBL; consider technical feasibility of possible solutions and different methods of financing any solutions examined. The LLRC analyzed data from the US Geological Survey (USGS), the MN DNR and the MN Metropolitan Council. This analysis provided the basis for a recommendations report by the LLRC:

Recommendations for Addressing the Declining White Bear Lake Water Levels